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X-tend – Kit for motorised hoppers with wireless control

Locandina X-tend15a

Following customers’ suggestions and market demands, ROJ has improved the previous version of the PCS W1 developing Agri-Motion X-tend, a kit that allows to manage seeding and fertilization with a wireless mode, widening the range of possible applications, thanks to the extension of control to more than one motor.

X-tend is based on the Agri-Motion DMD 0 system, a highly reliable 12V brushless motor with integrated drive board and gearbox.
The X-tend kit can be installed in a short time and allows to control more than one hoppers via mobile phone or tablet.

Thanks to a miniaturised wi-fi access-point, which provides a wireless connection to the motors, it is possible to provide settings and monitor, in real time, the activity of each hopper.

The configuration menu allows you to calibrate the speed sensor and the distributor volume.

The main screen shows, for each motor, the working speed, the quantity of product distributed per hectare and the hopper status.



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