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PCS W1 – Wireless controlled hopper motor kit


The PCS W1 is the innovative hopper motor kit. It is a new entry in the ROJ product portfolio and benefits from the experience of the PCS 200 system developed for pneumatic precision planters.

The PCS W1 is based on the PCS MD motor, a rugged 12V brushless motor with integrated drive and gearbox, specifically developed for agricultural applications.

The ready-to-use kit allows to quickly build a motorized hopper and control it from a mobile phone or tablet.

The kit features a small but rugged wifi access point, which provides a point-to-point wireless connection to the motor for parameter set-up and real time monitoring of the job.

The configuration menu allows to calibrate the speed wheel and set-up the distributor volume-per-turn.

The working window shows the implement speed and the amount of distributed product as well as the hectare.



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PCS 150 transplanter control system


PCS 150 transplanter control system

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