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Manufacturing Capability

Electronic Production

We can grant an high quality production thanks to ROJ LEAN MANUFACTURING APPROACH, accurate raw material and component qualification and a punctual control of the following processes:

  • PCB Laser marking for the board tracking
  • Traditional and SMT mounting
  • Lead free soldering in nitrogen atmosphere
  • In-line SPI & AOI Process control according ISO9001:2008
  • In-line & stand alone ATE and functional testers

Electronic production area: 4000 m2

  • 4 SMT lines (PP ASM SX type)
  • 2 Selective soldering lines
  • 1 TH mounting “lead free” wave soldering line
  • 11 SPEA testing equipment (ICT and functional)
  • 1 coating line
  • 1 de-paneling router

Electronic production data:

  • about 1.000.000 boards
  • about 200.000.000 SMT components mounted

New Assembling Department

Logistics managed by the integration of ERP system with automated system for storage, handling and scheduling.