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PCS 200 – Pneumatic Precision Planter Control System


The scope of the system is to replace the mechanical transmission of seeding discs by means of electric motors, enabling a greater flexibility of the machine and providing new functionalities which are not possible to achieve with the mechanical transmission.

The PCS 200 is based on the rugged PCS MD motor, controlled by the PCS 200 ECU.

The system can be scaled up adding extra seed distributors units as well as fertilizer hopper distributors, virtually covering any machine configuration.

PCS 200 can be also applied to vegetable planters; thanks to the individual row population settings, it is possible increase seed population on external rows and achieve higher yields.

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Key Features

  • Easy to use touch screen color interface
  • Manual section control
  • Individual row population setting
  • Seed sensor monitoring
  • Pressure sensor, with high/low pressure warnings
  • Tramline function
  • Logging of seeding job for billing and statistics analysis
  • Compatibility with CASE IH AFS and CNH PLM for section control
PCS 200 pneumatic precision planter control system

PCS 200