Custom Motor Drives

Custom Motor Drives

The key component of a mechatronic system is represented by the actuator. ROJ develops and produces custom motors and drives, tailored for the target application.

By analyzing mechanical and environmental requirements, we support the customer in choosing the correct motor technology (induction, permanent magnet, DC,…).

Thanks to our technology and well-proven functional blocks, we can integrate the motor and the drive into the customer product, reducing overall mechanical dimensions, cabling and improving commissioning.

Key expertise areas:

  • Customized design
  • Sensorless control
  • Integration into customer application
  • Battery powered drives
  • Water cooled motors and drives
  • Multiple-axis systems
  • Special materials (e.g. ceramics, rare earth magnets)
  • Surface treatments (e.g. DLC, chrome plating, plasma coating)
  • Design for harsh environment / automotive requirements
  • High IP rating