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Graphic Terminal Boards (GT4)


The industrial designed Reference Board GT4 (Graphic Terminal 4th generation) compact single board integrates a Freescale 454 MHz ARM926EJ-S core low-power multimedia application processor with LINUX support ready.


  • Freescale i.MX287 @ 454MHz
  • On board DDR memory 128MB
  • On board eMMC Nand Flash 2GB
  • 1 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • 1 CAN, 1 USB HOST, 1 USB DEVICE, 1 RS232, optRS485
  • Up to 800 x 480 WVGA TFT 24 bit
  • 4 wire resistive touch panel interface
  • RTC with Battery Backup

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Dimensions 120x116 mm Open Frame
Memory DDR2 200MHz Up to 256MB
Nand Flash with embedded controller (eMMC) 2GB on board
Video WVGA 800x480 18bpp for Tianma display TM070RRNZ04 - 7" up to 262K colours, 9" available via display expansion board
Backlight Led string driver 33VMax @ 20 mA
Display expansion board Expansion connector is available for different display WVGA 24 bpp
Touch Screen Resistive 4 wire integrated
Comunication Ethernet port 10/100Mbit RJ45 connector with LED
CAN 1 port
RS232 1 port
USB 1 Host port High-speed 1 Device port for Sw updates
RS485 optional (not mounted) 1 port
GPIO 1 port for bubbles keyboard up to 16 keys
RTC PCF8536T Battery on socket (CR2032)
Accessory boards RFID card reader RFID MIFARE NXP card reader (via RS232 port)
Power supply +24VDC +/-20%, Max 25W +9 to 30 VDC acceptable
Temperature 0°C to +45°C operating -25°C to +85°C storage
SW BSP Freescale (L2.6.31_10.08.01_SDK_source_bundle.tar.gz)
OS (target) Linux, Kernel 2.6.31
OS (host) Linux Ubuntu 10.10 - Virtual machine disk image ready to use available
GUI Library QT 4.8.3 (qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.3.tar.gz)
Console GT4

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