Graphic terminal carrier board for SMARC modules.

The industrial designed EZ-ROJ-20 is a low cost carrier board designed for EZ-ROJ-1 SMARC module suitable for HMI application.

The Roj development kit includes HW boards, LCD and cables, but also includes the Roj customized API, utility and source codes, including QT™ basic project (time/datesetup, touch calibration, application SW update via USB host).

The complete host Linux environment “readytouse” is available through a virtual machine disk image for Oracle ™VMVirtualBox.

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SMARC module compatible with EZ-ROJ-1
Dimensions 120 x 118 mm
Video WVGA 800x480 24bpp for Tianma displays:
   - 7" TM070RDH13
   - 9” TM090RDSG01
   - SVGA 800 x 600 24bpp for Tianma 10,4” TM104SDHG30
Backlight Led string driver 10V @ 180mA or 10V @ 240mA
Touch Screen Resistive 4 wire integrated via AR1100 controller
Comunication Ethernet port 10/100Mbit RJ45connector
CAN 1 port
USB 2 Host port High-speed
RTC PCF8536T Battery on socket (CR2032)
Power supply +24VDC +/- 20%, Max 25W
Temperature 0 °C ~+ 45 °C operating - 25°C ~ + 85°C storage
SW BSP customized for EZ-ROJ-1 HMI application
Advantech Qseven Carrier Board