EZ-ROJ-10 SMARC (Smart Mobility ARChitecture) carrier board is an expansion board suited for Roj EZ-ROJ-1 modules and has been designed following the eNUC (embedded Next Unit of Computing) SGeT standard. Offers a rich set of interfaces, scalable performances due the possibility to mount several kinds of modules, extended operation temperature (-40°+85°) and high power supply voltage range (4,9V-24V), long term availability.

PCB dimensions are 101.6mm x 101.6mm.

A complete host Linux environment “ready to use” is available through a virtual machine disk image for Oracle ™ VM VirtualBox.

For informations mail to:

Port Quantity Notes
LVDS Display 1 Up to 4 data lanes + 1 clock lane
HDMI 1  
Parallel Camera Interface 1 Compatible with phpCAM
Serial Camera Interface 1 Compatible with phpCAM
SDIO 1 4bit SDIO port for SD cards and SDIO modules
SPI 1x2 chip select  
AUDIO 1 x line out  
  1 x line in  
  1 x mic in  
  1 x headphone out  
I2C 1  
Serial Ports 4 2 x RS232 (optionally UART)
    2 x RS422 (optionally RS485/UART)
CAN 2  
USB 4 + 1 1 OTG + 4 Hosts ports. Host ports are derived through an hub.
PCle mini 1 Gen2 (5Gbps) Single lane available on PCle link A.
    The PCle lane is shared between PCle mini and second GBE Controller.
    A mounting option is foreseen to have PCle on PCle miniconnector.
SATA 1 Single Sata II port at 3 Gbps
Ethernet Up 2 10/100/1000 ethernet phy with auto negotiation and auto MDIX.
    Second GBE via Intel I210 controller.
GPIO 8 In addition to serving as GPIO these pins can also be used, in conjunction
    with Others, to implement iMX6 EIM interface.
    PWM and Tachometer can be implemented using the on board CPLD.
WiFi 1 Murata SN8000UFL
Advantech Qseven Carrier Board