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ROJ is active in the design and the production of embedded systems and belongs to AIOTI (Alliance for Internet Of Things Innovation).

Thanks to the advanced technologies and the technological expertise within our Group, we can offer a complete data collection and transmission system (M2M), complete with geo-location.

The use of mobile technology avoids the need for investment in a “fixed” infrastructure (wiring, router, servers,firewall…).

Some examples of possible business models

Marketing / Design: Creation of a network community of reference designers; transfer design proposals from the fashion maker to the machine makers and vice versa.

Quality, production performances and liability: material traceability.

Production Engineering: integration of data coming from different types and brands of machines; monitoring and optimization of the process flow.

Logistics: control and reduction of the intermediate stocks between the different stages of the process.

Service: advanced (remote) support and monitoring of the configuration of the machine.