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50th Anniversary


ROJ, a canvas through 50 years

On the 18th and 19th June 2015, ROJ celebrated a half-century of history with customers, suppliers, agents and employees! ROJ was founded in 1965. In 1974 ROJ produced the first electronic feeder for textile industry.

Throughout a 50 year history ROJ has seen many changes, experiencing both booming growths and some difficult times that needed to be overcome by sacrifices and diversification.

The result is that 2014 has been filed as ROJ’s record year with a 45 million EUR turnover, an average of 230 employees and demonstrating the ability to grow through innovation and competitiveness.

Currently we are seeing the textile industry make a return to western countries, including Italy, so for ROJ this presented an ideal and unique opportunity to celebrate a 50 year history, and to strengthen the confidence of customers, suppliers and employees. “Alone you can run faster, but together we can go further”, says MD Franco Oliaro, “Our merit is to have a great team”.